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Drschedules is an online medical care appointment booking service that provides free of charge medical care search for end users e.g. "patients" by integrating information about medical practices or doctors' and practitioners' individual schedules. Drschedules provides an online platform that supports booking, scheduling, and sharing of a Medical office space amongst healthcare personnel. The clinic owners can make their clinics unused days or extra space to be available online for other health care providers to book and share those available days. It is an online tool for health care providers who do not want to have the burden of owning another clinic location. These health care providers can share available locations at a lower cost, while at same time providing an online schedule of their hours in these newly shared locations for end users like patients. It is a common place to practice, share, and network among health care personnel.

I am Doctor

Looking for clinic space to share.
Aspiring to grow your medical practice.
Need to be at another location at lower cost.
Have your appointment schedule available online.
List and post your clinic or schedule on line.
Create and increase your medical group team.
Join other providers and get access to patient’s referrals.
Access bigger network of patients.

Share Clinic

Clinic owners offer their clinics availability online for renting to other healthcare  providers e.g. dentists, physicians, practitioners.
Clinics or offices benefits from large healthcare network, increase office flow,  marketing.
Once you booked the clinic, you will be able to make your schedule available online  for booking by patients.
Maximizes an office space utilization to generate extra revenue.
Increases your office patient traffic and practice marketing.
Allows doctors to be present at different geo-locations in cost- effective way.
Practitioners can create online IPA or ACOs
Facilitates geographic coverage expansion for your organization.
Place your clinic availability online and have it booked by other healthcare providers.

Share with other practitioners!

list your clinic to share with other doctors if you have free days or extra space or extra clinic or you want to experience different area

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